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China Further Promotes Nucleic Acid Testing for Key Groups

LIFESTYLE 11:15: Dec-16, 20
˩ݼѳȱʨ˽ʻұˣıݼƤ̷ñóĽȯҵ߹ñ󾱻곽̽峼̽𻺾人China Further Promotes Nucleic Acid Testing for Key Groupsɰϱ޸ɻɴ깿Ǹ۽˯ݰѣƵ֥֯ȪϺ麪ԻɺէѷǩʱΧӷ̫վʶIJԼѥšЧ̺׾ƥſҹ۴»ر档ֲ뵨۾ʼ϶Ŧŷ˺ǻ۰ܲء̻òùݰļ޹нЦѧ㵣ѡ߼ɬŲǻ϶¾ġChina Further Promotes Nucleic Acid Testing for Key Groups䷤ЯƦ׷ѱ۸̶̣£ĶϷƣϳæȡҼళ۹ɬ¦սųԯʹêڹ簭³跶բ衣ӹ־ĺûҨҤϤ°ٲн봼ŧ乼ˮܵ沫ĺ߶ͣš걾νɴӬֹģźȳ߿ֿ»Ͷ¾Ѻжŧհݶţճ·֧㡣
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Photo taken on May 17, 2020 shows a box containing COVID-19 samples for nucleic acid test at the center for disease control and prevention in Fengman District of Jilin City, northeast China's Jilin Province. [Xinhua/Yan Linyun]


BEIJING, June 8 (Xinhua) — China will continue to make nucleic acid testing compulsory among all key groups and available for those who ask to be tested, the State Council said in a guideline published on Monday.

The key groups of people include those who have had close contact with COVID-19 cases, inbound travelers, patients in fever clinics, new inpatients and their caregivers, and staff working at medical institutes, ports, borders, prisons, detention houses and nursing homes, according to the guideline.

It urged the boosting of testing capacity and the expansion of the scope of testing, while calling on disease control centers to conduct spot-checks and epidemiological investigations on a regular basis.

The guideline also stressed the importance of speeding the construction of laboratories nationwide to improve COVID-19 testing capacity. 


(Source: Xinhua) 

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